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ahloo introduces a new way to enjoy content and services chat with shop on one screen without the need to open and switch between multiple apps.


Share Things That You Love!

Photos, videos, location, and many more...

Had an exciting moment? You can share it with us.

Giving comments to your family and friends special moments.

“The more you share, the more you will get.”
- ahloo -

Free Messaging, Voice Call, Video Call

Across all platforms whenever and wherever you are.

Free messaging service; one to one, group texts with family and friends. Get connected with your family and friends using our voice and video calls across all platforms now!!

On Demand Chat Services

Shops, public services, and many more.

We have thousands available to cater to your needs.

Everything starts from the palm of your hands.

Introducing a new chat service platform, when everything is as easy as texting, where everything is one text away!!

One Stop Directory Service

Locate, call, and chat with our directory.

Get connected easily with thousands of our directories.

From any different categories you will find anything that you need!!


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ahloo has been designed with form follows function overall and attention to detail, whatever you're looking for in life is now right at your fingertips.

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